G-scan entered the market in 2008 as GIT's aftermarket diagnostic scan tool. Strategic business coalition between the market leaders of Japan and Korea enabled the creation of the best scan tool for Asian Vehicles nearing the OEM Capability in the stage of market penetration.

Global Information Technology(GIT) is a Korea corporation that is the OEM scan tool and car assembly line programming and inspection system supplier for Hyundai and KIA.

Inter Support(INS) is a Japanese company that has been dedicated to development of the diagnostic scan tool like Vehicle Monitor II that provided extensive covberage and in-depth functionality for all japanese cars for more than 10 years.

In 2007, GIT merged INS and two companies collaborated to develop a truly reliable multi-brand aftermarket scan tool based on their OEM quality topped with Japanese accuracy. In 2008, they launched G-Scan in Japan as the result of such cooperation, and the scan tool maintained its top selling scan tool's position in Japan for the following 5 years until it was replaced by G-scan2.

The new business development division of GIT spun off into a new company EZDS in 2009.
EZDS was established as the last piece of Jisaw and the company has been wholly committed to software development for non-Asian branmd cars and various local vehicle models that GIT and INS did not cover. Now the G-scans are providing extensive and competitive coverage for European, American and many local car lines besides their unparalleled original coverage for Asian cars and commercial vehicles.
On the commercial side of the business, EZDS has been representing GIT in the worldwide market except China, Japan and Korea by solely talking responsibility for marketing and sales of G-scans as the exclusive supplier of GIT aftermarket products.